Massively Scalable Matching

Matching data across multiple elements using fuzzy matching techniques on large data sets is one of the most computing intensive and time consuming processes an enterprise faces. The time to complete this process increases exponentially with increasing data volumes. The typical drawbacks with currently available software solutions in the market are:

  • Increasing data volumes take longer to complete
  • Increased hardware costs as more processing power and memory are added in order to meet process time windows
  • Escalation in software licensing and support costs as server infrastructure is upgraded


OpenDQ with its massively scalable match option enables organizations to deploy computing intensive data matching jobs on a multiprocessor or multi-core server, or on a cluster built general purpose computer without any code changes. OpenDQ is inherently multi-threaded, optimized for parallel data processing, which enables software to scale across multi processor systems seamlessly. When match processing runs on a cluster, data matching jobs run on each node of the cluster in parallel. Data is automatically partitioned and runs as an independent process on the node, utilizing all processors and cores on the node.  This leads to a high performance, high efficiency matching process.  Key Benefits of OpenDQ massively scalable match option:
  • Scaling from a few million records to hundreds of million records
  • Predictable matching process times even across large volume data
  • Zero license cost, lowest total cost of ownership in the market place
  • Combining one of the most comprehensive data cleansing, data standardization, data enhancement options to support match processes, resulting in high levels of match accuracy

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