Real Time Matching
Identifying and detecting possible data matches in real time empowers organizations to enhance the experience of customer and user interaction with your organization. Real time match processes improve customer interaction and overall data integrity within the enterprise.  Key benefits of real time matching for an organization:
  • Identify and access additional critical data about the customers in real time
  • Enable a 360 degree view of the customer at all touch points in an organization
  • Prevent duplicate information from entering into the enterprise
  • Increase multi channel marketing effectiveness
OpenDQ, with its real time matching option, gives complete coverage to enterprise data for customers, products, vendors, along with any other type of data asset that needs to be managed by an organization. The key to real time matching is the ability to support applications in the enterprise that have different protocols to access a real time match engine.  OpenDQ uses an enterprise services bus in conjunction with a real time match engine, enabling any type of application to access data in real time.  This includes:
  •  High performance matching capabilities, with sub second response time even across large volume of data records
  •  Ability to match data across multiple attributes using fuzzy matching algorithms
  •  Integrating data from multiple data sources including all common databases, Excel worksheets, text files, XML files, and others
  •  Integration with Enterprise services bus (ESB), enabling multiple different protocols to access the real time matching functionality within the enterprise
  •  Clustering and fail over capabilities for high availability, redundancy and operational continuity

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