Discover the current state of your enterprise data through a comprehensive data quality audit, and understand the impact of poor data quality on your organization's performance and profits. A data quality audit is essential in the enterprise to develop appropriate strategies and processes to improve the overall quality of the data used for various operations with in the enterprise. OpenDQ, with its enterprise grade profiling, reporting and Zero license cost, can help you achieve your tactical data quality auditing goals and build the subsequent processes for correction and improvement of data quality in the enterprise, by:

  • Discovering hidden data issues using out of the box baseline audit functionality
  • Auditing complex business rule compliance across multiple data sources and domains
  • Capturing data patterns, formats their frequencies and percentage distributions
  • Reporting on column minimums, maximums, averages, mean, median, mode, variance, co-variance, standard deviation and outliers
  • Create audit reports to identify duplication of data using fuzzy matching techniques.
  • Documenting the issues through extensive reporting

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