Data Quality Business applications

Data quality plays a fundamental role in the success of every business operation that depends on data, businesses on the average according to TDWI research lose USD $600 billion due to poor data quality. Businesses depend on a increasing number of data intensive applications to power their strategic growth and operational efficiencies, when the quality of the data with in these applications is bad it can lead to poor decision making or a serious breakdown in business operations and processes.


Business applications that need data quality processes and software include the following:

  • Enterprise resource planning software
  • Customer relationship management software
  • Business intelligence and reporting solutions
  • Customer data integration
  • Master data management software
  • Auditing and Compliance solutions


Controlling and improving the quality of data in the enterprise results in immediate benefits for an organization in terms of improved profitability and operational efficiency. OpenDQ with its comprehensive features, capabilities and ZERO licensing costs provides businesses the best possible return on investment.