Data quality plays a very important role in the area of compliance.  Regulations have increased dramatically, starting with "customer do not call lists" all the way to complex regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel-II, etc.  A key criteria for a successful compliance solution implementation is data quality, as the solution is only as good as the underlying quality of the data being processed. Poor quality data will result in inaccurate matching against watch, "do not call" and other lists.  Financial and compliance reports may show erroneous information leading to fines and increased regulatory scrutiny.


OpenDQ, with its advanced data quality features and zero license cost provides one of the most cost effective solutions for comprehensive management of data quality in a variety of compliance related processes, including:

  • Advanced matching technology to handle variations in data
  • Standardization components for address standardization and other custom data standardization needs
  • Extensive extraction, transformation and loading features allowing the ability to deal with multiple data sources and data targets
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • Rapid development platform enabling deployment of the solution quickly with minimal effort

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