CRM Data

Customer Relationship Management software continues to be a critical element of every of organization's sales and marketing. Organizations rely on CRM data to power their revenue and sales forecasts and this data is directly linked to the Organization's capability to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Consolidation of clean, consistent customer data from multiple systems into a CRM system is a critical to maximize the effectiveness this system. 


OpenDQ easily enables organizations to consolidate customer data records from multiple source systems, while at the same time ensuring that customer data is clean, consistent and without duplicatation. OpenDQ allows an organization to: 

  • Extract data from multiple data systems including databases, spreadsheets, text files etc.
  • Cleanse, standardize customer data including names, addresses and phone numbers
  • Verify and Correct customer address information, with 240 countries supported
  • Enhance data with up-to-date information, such as change of address, phone number validation, email appends, etc.
  • Create a single golden record of customer data
  • Manage and maintain the quality of data in CRM systems


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