Data Enhancement

External data enhancement and augmentation is integral for gaining crucial information about customers and other entities that interact with a business. External data enhancement plays an important role in a number of business processes:

  • Customer communications
  • Single view of customer
  • Risk and Fraud management

OpenDQ combines one of the most comprehensive, flexible options to add data enhancements to any process.

  • Free address verification and correction for US addresses, complete with with geo coding 
  • Built in address verification and correction for US and 240 countries worldwide
  • Option to use webservices based lookup for address correction and verification
  • Option to use webservices for appends
  • Batch based option for occasional or infrequent data appends


Available data enhancements:

Postal Data EnhancementsConsumer Data EnhancementsBusiness Enhancements

NCOA Link® 48/24/18 months

Address Append

Address Append

LACS Link ™

Phone Append

Phone Append


Email Append

Fax  Append


Deceased Suppression

SIC Code Append


Do-Not-Mail Suppression

NAICS Code Append

Geo Coding

Phone Verification

B2B Data enhancements


Consumer segmentation

Email Append


Do-Not-Call Suppression


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