Data Quality Monitoring and Reporting

Data quality monitoring and reporting is an important step for measuring the impact and effectiveness of a data quality program. Measuring and monitoring the data quality of important attributes is essential for the success of business processes in an enterprise. This is the first step towards establishing a continuous data quality improvement process. Data quality metrics collected during the measurement step need to be monitored and compared against the established targets of data quality for a given process.


OpenDQ, with its extensive data profiling and reporting capabilities, along with its advanced set of data quality components, empowers enterprises to establish a data quality monitoring and data governance process easily.  The Zero license cost solution:

  • Builds data quality scorecards with interactive visuals to track the effectiveness of your data quality program
  • Sets data quality thresholds and alerts to automatically escalate data quality problems to the process owners and stakeholders
  • Measures and monitors metrics at the application, process and individual job level
  • Tracks trends and reports on data quality from a historical perspective


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