Question: Is this a Software as a Service (SAS) type of a solution?

Answer: No, The solution is installed in your organization.


Question: How is OpenDQ supported?

Answer: Infosolve Technologies, Inc provides the support for the OpenDQ product including product support,  upgrades and development support.


Question: If the software is license free how is Infosolve Technologies compensated?

Answer: We deliver the OpenDQ product as a total solution that solves a business problem for our customers. Customers pay us for our expertise and best practices driven consulting services in modeling an end-to-end solution as per their business needs. 


Question: Are we paying for high priced consulting services?

Answer: No, our innovative solution-based approach is delivered through an optimized resourcing model . This includes a combination of onsite and offsite development and implementation, highly flexible and scalable on demand resourcing. Our typical implementations cost a fraction of a comparable licensed software platform or a in house development team.


Question: How is a solution-based approach different from a product approach that other companies offer?

Answer:  Our software solutions  are implemented by an experienced team of professionals that understand the problem space and have complete mastery in adapting the software to solve a business problem.  A number of leading analyst surveys have indicated that the major reason for software project failure are the people implementing and managing the project and not the software. Data quality problems require a consultative approach and a high level of subject matter expertise since a number of business processes are impacted by the problem space. 


How does it affect the success of my project?

Answer:  We bring in the expertise and the knowledge leadership as a part of the implementation, we identify issues and derive strategies to handle them ahead of the actual project implementation. Since we are the company that has developed the software and the technology , we do not have a learning curve in building the appropriate processes during the project implementation phase. This powerful approach of providing the technology, thought leadership and implementation in the project from the inception to the final project completion phase leads to a project that will meet its goals on time and within budget.


Question: Is training included as a part of the total solution?  Will our technical teams be able to enhance and develop on the platform?

Answer:  Yes, as a part of our implementation we work very closely with your technical and business teams, we train and perform knowledge transfer to your team enabling them to develop and enhance the solution in future.


What is the technology platform?

Answer:  OpenDQ is built on a Java platform.


Question: Can we write our own custom extensions to the product?

Answer:  Yes, you have complete rights to write custom extensions to the product and modify the software.


Question: Is the source code available to us?

Answer:  Yes, we give you the source for the product and components, except for licensed components.


Question: Are there any restrictions on the product usage?

Answer:  Some of the components with in the OpenDQ are licensed for example the Address verification and correction component. Infosolve does not own the rights to the reference address data, it is owned by USPS. The data does have restrictions.


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