Master Patient Index

Identifying duplicate patient records and maintaining existing patient data records accurately is a difficult problem most health care enterprises face on a daily basis. Duplication of patient data arises from human error, nicknames, abbreviations and even fraud. Lack of appropriate technology at the data input interface point is also a major cause of duplication in patient data. Inefficiencies in identifying patient records accurately cost the health care industry billions of dollars annually in direct and indirect costs and hinder effective patient care.


OpenDQ is one of the most comprehensive solutions currently available on the market in the management of the Master Patient Index processes.  With OpenDQ, an enterprise is able to:

  • Correlate and combine patient records from multiple data sources in health care organizations
  • Use advanced fuzzy matching and fuzzy standardization processes to handle variations in data intelligently
  • Implement real-time matching and duplication detection capabilities, where process can be accessed via HTTP, SOA, FTP and other protocols
  • Support massively scalable matching, where large data volumes are handled with ease
  • Support a wide variety of data formats including XML, CSV, fixed width and custom formats

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