Product Data Classification

Automated product data classification is a daunting task for organizations that have large amounts of product data. This poses a unique challenge due to different data formats, unstructured data in free form product descriptions and missing or incorrect information in the product data. Approaches based on manual or rule-based classification is an expensive and time consuming process and is not very accurate. 


OpenDQ uses highly advanced fuzzy match processes, natural language based product data parsing and fuzzy dictionaries for product reference information. OpenDQ's unstructured data interfaces make it easy to extract data from text files, PDF files and other unstructured data sources in the enterprise. The combination of these advanced capabilities makes it easy for OpenDQ to classify product data with minimal effort.

  • Classify product using UNSPSC, GS1, eCl@ss and other standards
  • Classify products using custom and proprietary standards
  • Products can be classified into multiple product categories
  • Clean and standardize product data descriptions


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