Product Data Standardization
Product data standardization is essential in optimizing many business processes, including order management and fulfillment, supply chain optimization, consolidation, and reduction of supplier spend. Most organizations have serious problems with product data quality and simply do not trust the data available in their systems.  Approaches to standardize product data using traditional data quality and custom coded scripts have historically shown poor results. Product data standardization is a multi step process that involves the following:
  • Product data parsing
  • Product data classification
  • Product data standardization using reference data
  • Product data normalization
  • Product data augmentation
OpenDQ uses an approach based on a combination of advanced parsing techniques built on natural language processing techniques, fuzzy reference libraries, and configurable sets of business rules. OpenDQ product data standardization includes:
  • Product data profiling, gives you insight into the existing state of the product data
  • Classifying product data to standards such as UNSPSC, 1SYNC, GS1, eClass or other proprietary standards
  • Standardizing product data using reference files from manufacturers, product catalog files and use custom rules
  • Handling issues in product data descriptions such as spellings, noise and variations in data using a rich set of fuzzy matching libraries
  • Supporting both structured and unstructured data sources such as databases, Excel files, EDI, PDF, Text files and other formats
  • Real time search and matching option allows multiple applications to access the standardized data

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